Members of the Finance Committee keeps track of the organization’s assets and liabilities. This committee prepares the annual budget and makes recommendations to the board. The financial report appears on all board meeting agendas and the finance committee should be prepared to answer questions about it. The finance committee also has many oversight duties, including overseeing endowments and other significant financial assets, overseeing investments and tax strategies.

The Fundraising Committee is needed to manage and coordinate fundraising efforts. The fundraising committee coordinates events like the golf tournaments, raffles, silent auctions, and other events with the main goal of raising money for the organization. The fundraising committee will also seek out opportunities for gaining corporate sponsors, philanthropists, large donors, grants and endowments, as well as other ways of generating funds for the organization.

Marketing/ Public Relations committee will create awareness of the good work the Foundation will do by creating marketing campaigns, promoting events, creating advertising and posting on social media platforms. As well as, manage all public relations involving printed publications; such as brochures, flyers, leaflets and whitepapers. The MPR committee chair often shares the responsibility of being the organization’s spokesperson with the board president.