Onyx recognizes that ski and snowboard clothing (in particular the ski jacket) can be a significant investment for 1st time skiers particularly if you’re not sure whether you will want continue the sport or not.

To that end the club implemented the ski jacket and ski pants “borrow” program where 1st time skiers can borrow the same from existing members or borrow from excess clothing in club inventory. Other equipment such as a ski helmet or ski gloves are also often made available by existing members.

This helps insure that your initial clothing investing is kept to a minimum.

If after your initial trip you want to continue the sport, we highly recommend your first clothing investment be a ski jacket (~$350) and a pair of ski pants (<$100). We often have existing members willing to sell their club jackets at very reasonable prices (<$200).

If interested, please contact the club vice president at vicepresident@onyxski.com